The Global Fashion & Luxury Cities IPX (Index) is a daily updated, comprehensive, transparent and highly precise rating for over 1,000 monitored fashion cities. As part of the IFDAQ virtual AI-ecosystem, the algorithm considers a high-dimensional data pool of significant factors and sub-factors.
As an industry-focused index, it monitors fashion capitals and emerging cities based on their global market power, work volume, reputation and influence in the industry. These key elements define the importance of a city in fashion & luxury.


The IFDAQ (acronym for International Fashion Dynamic Automated Quantification system) makes the fashion and luxury industries more intelligent and productive. It reveals, and measures, the real market performance of all stakeholders and entities in these industries, as well as the impact of their actions.
Thanks to values coming from an intelligent ecosystem that creates a high-dimensional virtual image of the industry, the very first AI-driven Fashion Intelligence Unit with real-time industry monitoring for the entire industry offers unprecedented in-depth insights and delivers robust and novel scientific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to the most salient currency in fashion & luxury: market power, influence, and reputation.
It makes these driving factors visible, which always have been there, but never could be measured. Until today.
Notably, the IFDAQ does not rely on proprietary and confidential data to operate: its accuracy stems from an outside-in perspective.

The IFDAQ system is used by selected industry leaders, consulting groups and major banks as well as a number of authorities and universities. The unique deep learning technology behind it, is being strongly supported by leaders in AI, consulting and finance.










The Global Fashion & Luxury Cities IPX (Index) is made up of geographically assigned performance, prestige and influence values of the various entities, i.a. fashion & luxury brands, fashion media, agencies, as well as the respectively arising production or work volume of the respective city together.
The more such entities are in a city, the more pronounced is the power and influence in the industry. The quality and the individual value (including prestige, influence, market performance, etc.) are taken into special consideration.
The production and work volume is primarily composed of advertising campaigns, catalogues, look-books, fashion shows, advertising and fashion media productions.
This index does not rely on nor uses any sort of consumption or sales data.

The index methodology is based on a dynamically weighted algorithm that covers a.o. the following key factors:

Brands The more brands are located in a city, the higher is the reputation of a city in respect to their fashion influence. In addition, we also measured the prestige of every single brand. As more influential brands are based in a city the more important the city is.
Magazines Fashion media gives an insight into the geographic importance of a city from which they have the greatest influence on fashion consumers.
Agencies The amount, quality and dimension of modeling and artist agencies located at a certain city gives a perception how big the booking request volume of work a city has.
Performance The flow-rate of global job assignments are carried out in the sense of production for advertising campaigns, catalogues, lookbooks, fashion shows, commercial and fashion media production for editorials.

Official index publication for Q1 2020: March 21th 2019

Research Team

The IFDAQ'S Global Fashion & Luxury Cities Index is curated by a team of industry experts and researchers. The supervisory board is in charge for regular reviews and the scientific correctness of the data:

Lead Supervisor

Prof. Dr. Frédéric Godart, HDR

Index / Industry Analyst

Iva Mirbach

Economic Analyst

Daryl de Jori, DBA

Lead AI Scientist

Dr. David Bücher

Data Supervisor

Dr. Reimund Homann

If you have any questions about this index or IFDAQ in general, please get in touch with us.

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