Detailed Reports and Data Feed Access

The Global Fashion & Luxury Cities IPX index offers historical, real-time and predictive insights into the geographical dynamics and segment developments of over 1000 fashion cities.
Thanks to the the multiple-awarded IFDAQ data ecosystem and the IPX index technology, we are able to provide clear and in-depth analyses and a real-time monitoring for emerging and established fashion cities.
Apart from our global cities report, we offer detailed forecasts, market simulations and competitive analyses for selected fashion cities dating back to 1898.
For Business Intelligence and key cities analysts, we provide regular index updates and access to our real-time data feed (Rest-API).
If you are interested in a detailed report or to get data feed access, please get in touch with our IFDAQ team or email to

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Official Data Providers

IFDAQ's data is accessible and available for your data applications through our official data providers:

Used in Science and Media

Our real-time and supervised IFDAQ data is used for research and studies by several academic leaders, universities, schools and authorities.

Used and Developed by industry leaders

IFDAQ and the Global Fashion & Luxury Cities Index are applied in the corporate decision-making and used in market analyses by many fashion retailers, department stores, brands, banks, and consulting firms, including: